Constitution 101 Sales Pitch

This is a sales pitch by Peter for Hillsdale College’s free online course, Constitution 101.
It is an awesome course well worth anyone’s time, even if you think you know a lot about the constitution.
Here’s the link:


Being a first generation Christian

For those who have grown up in a Christian home, the idea of generational Christianity is hard to understand because they’re part of it.  Here is one explanation: if they let the faith of their parents be their motivation they will be left with a faith that feels like a dream that they never can quite integrate with normal life.   To a civilian who has only seen bullets flying in movies, combat seems intriguing and exciting; but for a soldier who has been in battle, combat is real, so real that he often prefers not to speak about it.    For a high school football player who longs to go on to be a professional, the NFL seems like a dream, high and unattainable; but for a professional NFL player it isn’t a dream.  It’s hard hits and a career that will leave him with lifelong injures.  For an NFL player his career was very real.   So it is for those who are first generation Christians.  Second generation Christians look at them and wonder at how their God can be so real to them, longing to have that kind of faith relationship.  But for first generation Christians it isn’t some deep mystery, it’s just a real part of their lives, like eating and sleeping.

Vote Rick Santorum!

So if you haven’t talked with me about the GOP primary yet you may not know that I’ve decide to back Rick Santorum, and let me tell you why.

He’s strong on the issues that matter to me: abortion, marriage and other looming social issues.  And when I say strong I do mean strong.

He understands that in the modern world the only safe defense is a powerful offense.  We can’t hide behind our oceans anymore, at least not the way Monroe wanted to.

He’s the one guy who doesn’t seem to have anything in his past that the media can use to destroy him.

And above all, his life.   I think it is a testimony to look at his family and how he’s lived his life.  He’s a home-school Dad of seven, He’s 53 so don’t think he’s a youngster.   Look at how they’ve handled their youngest daughter!

And by the way, Dr. Dobson just endorsed him.

Christmas Events

                                                                         Cutting the Tree.

Church Christmas Dinner.

Mrs. Huber did an awesome job in the Kitchen.

                                                                         Cookie making.

And of course, me and her.

It’s been a great Christmas season so far.

Merry Christmas!  See you in the new year.

I just found this and thought you might enjoy it.

I love this time of year.  Long days of study and it’s not so much the homework but those few breaks throughout the day that become so alive, so real.  Times when you lift your head from your books; when you stand and walk away, leaving the cloud of  33*14/noun and fungi + CO,  and the whole world explodes before you with color and opportunity.  During the summer holiday you have so many plans. Six hundred events fill the calendar, you have no time to see the simplest things and you rush right past some of the primal joys of life.   I love this time of year.

September 8. 2010

Sick tonight, have a stinging headache


New Short story

Newest short story from TryingAuthor! Soldier’s Touch: A Thanksgiving Story.      Read here:

Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are in my estimation being taken lightly by the American culture in general.  I’ve heard many people say, “They all need to go get jobs!” a statement I don’t disagree with, but I don’t think it’s really getting at the problem.  From the brief interview with protest leaders I’ve heard, the 99% line, the resistance and disobedience shown to the police and the destruction of private property, I’m reminded of the French Revolution in its early stages.   These protesters are angry about the fact that 1% of the population makes a great deal and have a lot of power; so this would lead me to believe that they would like to see the wealth spread around.  Now see if this rings true to you:  they don’t think they have enough money so they are looking at those richer than themselves and saying, “Um, I want more money and they have more money and the easiest way to get it is make the government take it from them and give it to me, or else we’ll smash stuff”.   So, I would start worrying a little bit about these people who are willing to take pepper spray in the face to uphold their greedy stance.